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Empty Property Rates

Since April 2008, when full business rates relief was removed for most vacant commercial properties, empty property rates have become a significant financial pressure for many property landlords.

The liability in respect of vacant premises is an avoidable burden that our empty property rates mitigation solutions allow property owners to completely avoid all liability for this unfair tax on negative income.

Our solutions involve the introduction of a guaranteed minimum disturbance tenant to the property who is entitled to rates relief or exemption.

The tenancies are flexible and can be terminated at just 14 days notice. The tenant does not occupy the premises constantly and as such they are less intrusive.

At all times the property can remain on the market for sale or to let. Any viewings can be conducted as usual by the property agent.

Our team have many years of experience within the business rates sector and have a proven track record of minimising the liability for empty property rates.